Future To Fight For


  • What’s included in my ticket?

    The evening will include addresses from our three keynote speakers and then a panel conversation between Steph, Winnie, Becky and activists looking to apply bold new ideas in an Australian context.

    At each venue, drinks and light refreshments will be available from the bar – but are not covered by the cost of admission.

  • Is it okay if I’m not an economist?

    You don’t need a degree to understand inequality.

    If you’ve ever used our incredible public healthcare system, if you were educated in one of our world-class public schools, if you’ve caught a crowded bus; you’re qualified.

    The reason these ideas are so important is is that they speak to values that so many of us instinctively understand. A vital part of the solution to the challenges we face is sharing ideas in a way that is as accessible as possible.

  • Can we support the tour if we can’t attend in person?

    If you can’t make it to the tour in person, the Sydney event will be live-streamed around the country.

    Small local groups will be organising viewing parties, which you can register for nearer the date, and if you can’t make it to a viewing party, check the website for streaming details nearer the date.

    If you’re interested in the fight for a better future, you can keep up with the conversation by signing up here.

  • What Is Future To Fight For?

    Future To Fight For is a growing call for a society that puts people first, reduces the power of corporations, and empowers government to build an economy that ensures every single person is able to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life – no matter their postcode, their income, or the colour of their skin.

    You can check out the Future To Fight For policy document here, and the Future To Fight For podcast here.

  • Who should I talk to about...

    For media enquiries, contact Zoe Edwards on 0400 144 794, or by email at media@getup.org.au

    For general enquiries, contact Patrick Morrow by email at patrick@getup.org.au

Join us for an evening of big, bold ideas - and the strategies to make them happen.  

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