Future To Fight For

Future To Fight For

Around the world, long-held ideas about politics, poverty, and inequality are failing. There has never been a more important moment for bold thinking, and brave ideas.

Future To Fight For is a growing call for a society that puts people first, reduces the power of corporations, and empowers government to build an economy that ensures every single person is able to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life – no matter their postcode, their income, or the colour of their skin.

It’s a new conversation about what’s politically possible. We have the technology, resources and skills to build a society in which all our needs are met – we just need the imagination and conviction to make it happen.

Australians were among the first to secure the eight-hour working day and guarantee workers both a living and a life. Previous generations stood up to demand free education, and won. And as a nation, we built a world-class healthcare system where a doctor will see you regardless of your bank balance.

We need that kind of courage again.

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The policies

Future To Fight For has developed a series of achievable, transformational policies – that put the needs of ordinary people ahead of corporate profits, and the interests of an out-of-touch political class. From universal childcare, to a universal job guarantee, to a public interest banking system, they’re radical ideas that make sense.

You can check them out in full, here.

The podcast

Every day, new voices are rising up to challenge the problems facing the world as it is, and thinking about the incredible potential of the world as it could be.

To spread these ideas, we’re publishing a series of conversations with incredible minds, from around the world, dedicated to the fight for a better future – including Nobel Prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz, Steph Kelton, and George Monbiot.

You can listen to the Future To Fight For podcast here.

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